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Tasha Champion

Certified Master Life Coach

A free spirited person full of laughter and love.  This was the best way to describe me.  A cheerleader in school and a cheerleader in life, I was full of energy and there was always a smile on my face.  


As I got older I started to question if that was still the definition of me or was I portraying this behind an inauthentic bright smile?  

Personal struggles and frustrations with life started to take a toll. I knew deep inside of me there was more in life that I wanted to live for and achieve.  Through many tears, heartaches, headaches and confusion, I searched for answers.  What would make my life change? What did I need to do to not have another year like the previous years?  When I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a divorced single mom of four but in my heart that’s not all I was.  

I began to spiritually search for the answers. I had to open my heart space so I could actually see inside myself and the answers I needed began to reveal themselves. I discovered my truth which allowed me to own my truth of why I was where I was in life. I found peace and strength in loving and giving to myself the way I had unselfishly given to others.  Self love was no longer foreign to me. This was so freeing and for the first time since my teenage years, my outer smile matched my inner smile and it was authentic. My experiences and journey led me to help women going through similar situations that wanted to free themselves from what is holding them back.  I look forward to working with the beautiful women I come in contact with and leading them to Love the Champion they are. 

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