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Bianca A. Page, JD

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As a licensed minister, spiritual and relationship coach, heart healer, and soul developer, Bianca was
raised in the bosom of God’s hands as a lifelong member of the Spiritual Israel Church, where she
currently serves in the ministry and on the Mothers’ board. A talent development manager and attorney
with a major law firm, a graduate of UCLA, Loyola Law School (Los Angeles), and the Israel Spiritual
School of Theology, she has served on boards for both philanthropic and spiritual growth purposes.
Marrying her passion in her current profession, Bianca often assists in pro bono legal matters helping
underserved factions of the community.
Raised in a loving home, Bianca realized early on how essential self-love and personal development
were to navigate through life. Although her mother taught her and her sister the importance of a good
work ethic, financial responsibility, and maintaining a healthy and regular spiritual practicum; she
experienced tumultuous relationships during her dating years that could have left her broken and void.
Fortunately, with the love of her family and spiritual environment, she gravitated to mentors and guides
that helped usher her into an enlightened state.
Over the years in her various social circles of life, Bianca is commonly known as a non-judgmental
person and a good listener. These innate skills have made her a “go-to” and confidante of many. This
organically evolved into a ministry of helping others address their challenges; celebrate themselves, and
live life from an empowered state.
Bianca is a prayer warrior who enjoys touching other souls through her speaking and writing. She has a
passion to help all mankind find peace and joy during their earthly journey, with an emphasis on
coaching women and youth. Her biggest joy comes from being a mother and wife.
Bianca and Ken, her husband, hold weekly COREOFU sessions streaming on FB & IG live @thecoreofu
and available on the YouTube channel thecoreofu. They offer practical tips on integrating the spiritual
and natural journey with an emphasis on navigating relationships, parenthood, and life. Additionally,
Bianca is a transformational coach and certified healer helping souls tap within for enlightenment. ~

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