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4th Annual
Shenomenal Women's Brunch

Coming September 21, 2024

Hilton Garden Inn in Fontana, CA
The Brunch........

Year 1: All about the book

Year 2: Awakening Your Shenomenal Life

Year 3: The Power in Wearing Your Crown

Year 4: Stay tuned in to find out more

Each year we uplevel and expand.  We continue to be intentional about curating a dynamic program of encouragement, awakening, and inspiration. 


The purpose of the brunch is to celebrate and honor women and to inspire people through life changing stories.


The mission is to open the spiritual, mental, and emotional pallet of healing, transformation, and growth through intentional actions. 


The goal is for every woman to know that she is Shenomenal know matter what she has been through. 

My thoughts on the brunch....

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