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Camille Telicia

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Camille Telicia (Tuh-lee-see-ya) is a transformational success coach based in Atlanta, GA and founder of The Intentional Goddess, a company dedicated to supporting feminine leaders and entrepreneurs on their journey of self-expansion.


She is passionate about empowering women to Know, Love, and Trust themselves fully and deeply so they can confidently embrace their goddess power and create lives and business that change the world. She offers coaching, programs, workshops and events curated especially for powerful women to heal and grow.


Camille is the author of Shut the Stuff Up, a personal development book designed to help readers shut down the fears, false stories, and limiting beliefs holding them hostage from their goals. She is also the host of the iGoddessTings Podcast, a show for women about life, spirituality, growth, & everything in between.


Camille is a graduate of the University of Georgia (BS-Psychology) and Florida Institute of Technology (MBA-Business Management).

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