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Kiana "Vi" Ware

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Born in Lithonia, GA, Vi has always had a passion for art, one she shares with her tight-knit family. Her grandmother, Brenda Ware, nurtured Vi's talent by teaching her the art of calligraphy at a young age. After her grandmother’s passing to a battle with Pancreatic Cancer in 2014, Vi renamed her business after her to continue her legacy of expression through art with BeWare Designs, LLC.  


Vi is an Atlanta-based graphic artist, musician, and poet. Starting her business at 15, Vi began painting t-shirts for friends and peers in middle school. As a Pre-Architecture major, she studied Art History and learned the technical advantages of tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in creating digital artwork. From there she declared her major as Construction Management and has studied while working ever since.  


Vi is currently a Project Manager by day and the CEO of a full-service design company by night. Priding herself in versatility, she has over 8 years of experience leading projects in the commercial, private and government sectors as well as 10+ years of experience as a Graphic Artist/CEO. Although she loves the purpose her daily grind brings, her true desire is to quit her 9-5 to become a full-time entrepreneur. Vi has spent the last five months focusing on her business full-time and has been featured in several published works for her illustrations, commissioned countless logo designs, custom canvases, and murals. To learn more about Vi and her work go to  


“I am an artist first. And I believe that should be evident in everything I touch. Whether it be a painting, an excel workbook, or a renovation project. Art has no limit... and that's what makes it so powerful.” - Vi Ware, SSGBC, LPC, EMC. 

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