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Mina London

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Mina London is an entrepreneur, wife, and author, but her proudest accomplishment is being a mother to her two precious children. In 2020 Mina launched a lifestyle blog, “Love Health & Beyond” where she interviews aspiring business owners while also writing and sharing different lifestyle guides to living a healthier cleaner life. Mina enjoys writing poetry and songs when she is not blogging or writing books. She is dedicated to turning her negative life experiences into positives by sharing her walks of life.  She hopes to inspire people to recognize how life is all about moving forward in honesty and truth, making yourself a priority, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.   

"No longer will we hold ourselves back from becoming our best self. Who could we become if we let go of fear and self doubt that is inhibiting us? we may have spent years refusing to identify, feel and deal with our feelings. I wish I had known sooner how relieving it would be to release it all. I found peace and balance once I decided to face my problems head on. 

Don’t worry who you might offended in the process but rather who did you inspire along your journey. " - mina

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