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Pamela Lathan

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Pamela Lathan is an Entrepreneur and former co-owner of Mz Lynn’s Day Spa & Salon; a HR Consultant with a focus in Organizational Development/Virtual Professional Development Training; COO Workplace Chaplain Services and CEO of newly formed JPL Consultants. Pamela has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and 20+ years of HR experience in corporate America. Pamela is also a life-long member of the Spiritual Israel Church & Its Army and wears many hats in the organization. She is a 35year ordained Bride Mother, former 1st lady & Co-Founder/Director of the organization’s Youth Outreach Program (SICIAYOP). 

Pamela’s love and devotion for children has driven her to breathe new life into SICIAYOP; a program that began 30 years ago and has shaped the lives of many young people. Under her leadership, youth have been counseled, mentored, tutored and have been socially and spiritually guided; with much of the youth becoming successful thriving adults.

Being born and raised in New York City, Pamela is now Vibrating Higher with her husband Joseph Lathan of 18 years on the West Coast in sunny California.  Joseph accepted a fantastic role as Director of Online Learning/Professor of Practice with the University of San Diego in August of 2019, and that was the catalyst behind their move to California. 

Pamela stays busy managing the day-to-day operations of SICIAYOP and has restored her zest for Human Resources with the birth of her new business JPL Consultants. Together with her husband Joseph, they offer expertise in Human Resource Management, Professional Development Training, Online Course Development, Spiritual Counseling and Awareness, Bereavement Services, just to name a few.  

The transition to Cali was emotional at first leaving behind her elderly mom and other family members but once there, things have worked out. Pamela is enjoying life with her husband on the West Coast as they continue to build their businesses and offer services that help others live their best lives. The concepts “Heaven on Earth” & “Vibrating Higher” best describes their mission to live happily ever after while here on Earth!

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