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Shenomenal Services

Are you ready to break free of your limitations and live the authentic and unapologetic life you dream of?

Are you ready to let go, heal and make shifts that create the worthiness and confidence you want to feel in life?

Are you looking to eliminate past patterns and stories you tell yourself that keep you feeling stuck? 

You know that there is a fire within you that is ready to be unleashed but years of fears and disappointments and dark past experiences keep you from stepping into your power.

You have been questioning if it is even possible for you or if that life only exists for other people. 

After years of quiet suffering something is urging you that a change must be made. 

You’re tired of:

  • Feeling helpless or hopeless

  • Feeling this is the way life has to be

  • Living day to day on autopilot

  • Not knowing or living in your purpose

  • Trying to do better but having no sure way of making changes stick

You are being called to experience more freedom and more truth out of life. 

You are being called to connect to your higher self  and transform your life from within, learning what you really want, who you really want to be, and breaking the shackles of fear and doubt to unleash that Shenomenal star that is waiting to come to life. 

                                 What can you expect from working with The Shenomenal Coach

Each session provides the opportunity to connect to your inner voice and honor what you are being called to heal. You will journey through your truth and surrender into your higher power.

During session you may experience different types of healing modalities including: Angel Card Readings, Energy Healings, Guided Meditations,  Reiki, Yoga, and Breathwork. You will also have email support and soul work


Sessions average about 75 minutes 

3 month Intuitive Healing and Coaching

Bonuses - Shenomenal Insider Exclusive free for one year

A $250 value

  • 15% off events, workshops and retreats

  • 20% off Shenomenal Products

  • 1- 30 minute coaching session

  • Life Design Workbook (download)

  • Priority notification, enrollment and registration for all Champion EmpowHERment events

  • Quarterly card/energy readings

  • Monthly meditations sent to your email

  • Monthly soul activation support via downloadable documents

Other Services
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