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Tasha Champion

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Tasha Champion is visionary author of Shenomenal Women.  She is the award nominated and best selling author of A Mother's Diary.  When God gave her the nudge that she was going to write a book, she did not believe it until he nudged her again and thus the visionary author in her was born. 

Tasha, the Shenomenal Coach, is a Certified Master Life Coach specializing in transforming the areas of self love, authentic happiness, purpose and spiritual growth in women through empowerment.  In overcoming her own personal struggles, she knew she wanted to help women going through the same thing.  She wanted to heal the very parts of women that used to leave her in tears.

Seven years ago, the pain and frustrations of not feeling loved or knowing her purpose had taken its toll. She knew deep inside there was more in life she wanted to live for and achieve.  Through many tears, heartaches, headaches and confusion, she searched for answers.  What would make her life change? What did she need to do to not have another year like the previous years?  When she looked in the mirror, she saw nothing more than a divorced single mom of four but in her heart that’s not all she was.


Making a brave decision to invest in herself, she started working with a life coach and began to spiritually search for the answers.  She had to open her heart space to actually see inside herself and the answers began to reveal themselves. Tasha was discovering self love and learned to own the truth of who she was and where she was in life and how she got there. This was life changing for her.  Always being a person who loved to talk and help others, she knew through her own healing that she had also found her purpose.

Today, she coaches women into becoming the best version of themselves.  She believes there is a Champion inside every woman and wants them to boldly unleash that inner champion, unapologetically.  Tasha has a series of her own Self Investment Classes and speaks at different health and empowerment events for women. Her positive attitude, mindset, energy and strong love for God and the faith her instilled in her is why she has been able to overcome many obstacles. She continues to use her experience to reach other women and guide them into becoming Shenomenal by Loving the Champion they are.

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