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Palm Springs, CA

Shenomenal Women

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Meet Tasha

Certified Master Life Coach, Speaker & Intuitive Healer

Tasha works with women to bring out the best in them, guiding them to become Shenomenal. The mission is for every woman to know it is possible to achieve full self-love, value and authentic happiness. She understands that it is a daily nightmare when you look to others to validate you and provide the love you have not given yourself. Tasha makes you dig deep and discover your truth, owning how you play the biggest role in your life. She will support you in having the strength to walk away from unhealthy situations and put an end to self-sabotaging behaviors.

As a woman you were meant to experience true love and happiness no matter your past hurt. I am here to show you how to explore life through a healthy and activated soul and spirit with an open heart. Be ready to walk life in your bold power, love the CHAMPION you are and become SHENOMENAL!

Tasha Champion
The Shenomenal Coach

What I Specialize In

Intuitive Healing

Energy Readings

Self Love


Vision Boards

The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Tasha has helped me believe in myself  and gain more self confidence. Before working with her I did not believe I could better than a dead in job. Due to our work together I know I am worth a lot more than a job that doesn't value me and what I can bring to the table." 

- Jessica R.

"Working with Tasha, I have been able to see and believe in the value that I bring to my clients and my community."

- Camille Telicia
aka: The Intentional Goddess

"Tasha did a WONDERFUL job speaking at our cancer support group.  She had a very confident presence and was able to speak from the heart.  She provided some needed and real information on how to remain positive during this difficult journey.  Newly diagnosed and survivors were able to gain valuable information from her presentation! "

- Erin Westphal
The Pink Place

"Tasha has been a spiritual guide of mine for quite some time and she never fails to surprise me. I reached out to her on a whim feeling a push from my higher power and wanting help navigating that and she was responsive enough to fit me in same day.  
I've never been one to do card readings but Tasha has always been spot on and today was no exception.  She was a joy to speak with, listened with purpose, guided the reading, and not only did it give me answers but in the end I felt it was more of a conversation than a reading.  I walked away feeling re-centeredand ready to tackle the things that were weighing on me."  --
Vi Ware
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You are struggling through your poor relationship choices. You have a lot to offer but it's buried beneath the cycle of heartache and disappointment. Your biggest need right now is to learn your value and worth through self love and inner happiness. You are looking for happiness in people and things. You want to have the happiness you see in others. You suffer in silence, feeling alone as if no one understands what you are going through and you are scared to say anything for fear of judgement.
Everyone else around you seems to have it all together and you often wonder will you ever get there. You love your circle but every now and then a hint of envy comes up. Not because you don’t want good for them but because you want good for you.
Beautiful woman, you have been forcing people to love you. You long to feel the love and connection you have not given yourself. The appearance of having it all together yet struggling on the inside is all too familiar to you. The lack of love has created doubt and you’re questioning if you will ever be happy or loved or enough. This has planted seeds of uncertainty and unworthiness in you. I know you have a lot of love to give but never having given it to yourself has placed your value to be defined by others. You have great days, you read or listen to things to inspire you to change but the discipline and/or commitment to take action is lacking. This leaves you questioning your existence and purpose in life.
What you need most right now is your truth, but the pain in that truth has kept your life in the same cycle that has left you in tears. You get to open your eyes to the possibility of healing the hurt by speaking your truth. You get to decide you no longer want to live in the heartache you helped you create. You get to be comfortable with acknowledging, admitting and owning your truth of how you got here. This is where you give yourself permission to begin the journey of healing.
Beloved, you can’t heal what you won’t feel. It’s not easy and I know you might be scared to take this step but close your eyes for a moment and imagine your life on the other side of your pain. Imagine feeling better than you do right now. Imagine feeling the level of happiness that is available to you. Imagine exploring self care, self love and self value and knowing no one can compromise that for you. Imagine feeling good everyday because you took the time to heal and to learn and define your worthiness. All of this is available to you. You get to live this kind of life, defined by you, on your terms with love and happiness…... unapologetically!!!
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