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Saraileah Cassanova

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Saraileah Cassanova, is a loving mother who serves on the African American Parent Advisory Counsel at her son’s school.  She is an autism advocate and due to previous experience, she is also an advocate for suicide awareness and domestic violence.  Living with the autoimmune disease, Lupus, Leah lives a healthy active lifestyle while practicing holistic healing like prayer, journaling, meditation and yoga.  


She currently operates a home based business providing security consulting services for a number of small businesses and major corporations. Saraileah, having a creatively talented spirit, will be relaunching her women’s underclothes line, Cotton Kandies.  She is starting a nonprofit organization for parents with children of autism. Her hope is to show the world how children with autism can become productive independent adults.  


Her upcoming book will detail her accounts of anxiety, depression and childhood trauma and how she endured through the most devastating day of her life. 

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